Univ. of North Texas has been placed on probation for violation of NCBA DI Rule 26.01.1. The player in violation has been suspended for UNT’s next 2 games.

26.01.1 Any NCBA participant’s personal social media accounts found abusing other NCBA participants or member teams on social media in an unsportsmanlike fashion are subject to suspension and/or their team being placed on probation.

**The NCBA absolutely encourages social media interaction between teams, players & fans. Please keep in mind there is a distinct difference between friendly banter & inappropriate behavior such as talking trash or making threats towards other teams/players. When that line is crossed, it not only makes that player/team look bad, it makes the NCBA as a whole look bad. The NCBA, along with each & every team past & present, has worked way too hard to create the opportunity & experience this league offers. Inappropriate behavior like this will not be tolerated within any Division of the NCBA.